Treefight For Sunlight are back and return with their first single since the well-acclaimed debut album of 2010: "Come Closer" precedes the band's follow-up album which will be released later this year. 

The fresh song hints into a more adventurous musical direction for the band, it reminds a bit of Animal Collective here, a bit of Oh No Ono there. According to the band,
"Come Closer is about the various communicative spaces between people. About how the boundaries between the articulated and unspoken can merge and eliminate the distance between all of us."
The release of "Come Closer" was moreover accompanied by a music video which was made by singer and guitarist Morten Winther Nielsen and visualizes the song's lyrics in a quite charming and colorful way. Watch it below! Also the slight psychodelic single artwork we used above, is a product of the band's "artistic melting pot", made by bass player Christian Rohde Lindinger’s girlfriend Amanda Munkgaard Olesen.

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