Your Laundry - "Broken"

"Your Laundry is the sound of dirty underwear and sunny days - Unpretentious as your laundry! Turn up the volume, jump to the rhythm and forget all about fancy moustaches and today’s duties. … Now it's time to do YOUR LAUNDRY!" - three Danes inspired by... washing machine? And rock. And any other sound which makes our legs (those that are tired and those that aren't) to move from the place they are standing.

BOTTLED IN ENGLAND with new songs and the video clip! [free download]

Bottled In England - "Change" and "What this is"

source: Facebook

Yesterday the Polish version of this blog celebrated 1 year of activity. Yesterday was also the day of the new release from BOTTLED IN ENGLAND. The live drum'n'bass duo gave away two new songs and show their first video clip to "Change"

You can download both songs for free from

RANGLEKLODS announce the debut album with a new single "CLOUDS"

Rangleklods - "Clouds"

Now I really, really can't wait to the debut album by RANGLEKLODS! The EP "Home" contained a bit cynical lyrics mixed with the extraordinary electronic. I was wondering "what more can he possibly do with his music?" after three such a good songs. Well, he did the impossible. He did "Clouds". And it is good.

New single from GREEN LIVES - "Dancing in the Snow"

Green Lives - "Dancing in the Snow"

You're feeling cold? Listen to the new single of Danes from Green Lives. Warming, energetic song "Dancing in the Snow" will bring a smile to your face. 

Strumming quitar, careless video clip (the theme with the twin is a bit like a scenes from Efterklang's "I Was Playing Drums"). "Dancing in the Snow" has everything that a good song should have. Catchy melody, pleasant vocal. And a plus for using the trick as old as the hills - a pause in the middle of the song. A plus for it, because Green Lives used it wisely (same as the "trick" with the children choir in their earlier track "Everybody Knows Who You Are, Anna").  Green Lives risked again by using oldfashioned ways of making music. And they won again, extracting the freshness out from them.

There's nothing left to do than humming the song all day long. Even if it's gray and cold outside and even though it's going to be a hard day. Think that it's possible to dance in the snow. And if you can do that, you can do almost anything. Especially with Green Lives new song in your ears.
"We'll be dancing in the snow... tonight!"



Lydmor - "Young"

source: Gaffa

You sit at home, want to spend a calm evening with some hot tea and bordom - and suddenly! Wow! LYDMOR.
Electronic Florence Welch. And a little bit of Fine Franzy. Aaaand a little little bit of Bjørk ("While You Still Can").

Exsperimenting on a border of mainstream and unknowon waters of music - Lydmor made me feel a bit uncomfortable under the warm blanket. Whay am I still sitting in my chair, spending a calm boring evening? I have to move!

"But you just want to be as young as you can be" - after you listen to "Young", you can't simply sit at home and drink the hot tea. After you listen to "Young", you want to take a walk. A quick march. A run. Best - a walk in the snow. Best to do it barefoot. Whay not? A bit of madness in the routine is needed from time to time. 

Lydmor closed this little bit of madness in the song. And she releases it little by little every time when "Young" is played.

Lydmor will release her debut album "A Pile Of Empty Tapes" in Spring. Now you can listen one more single from it...

IN MEMOIRS - "This Is The Sound" [LISTEN TO IT!]

In Memoirs - "This Is The Sound"
Total detachement from the reality. For 4:47 minutes you can forget about... almost everything. If you need a moment of oblivion - "This Is The Sound" for it. Melodious, super-light sounds. The atmosphere of a good dream. Fragile guitar chords and disarming way of pulling the strings. Morten Fillipsen - the Dane behind the soloproject In Memoirs soothes nervs with his songs.
"Sit down and relax with a cup of coffee"-pop (source: FB In Memoirs)
"This Is The Sound" invite you to dream with it, to feel a bit nostalgic... The song does it in a very well-balanced way. And with the sentiment to the classic acoustic music roots.

You can download the song for free from In Memoirs Facebook profile (remember to like the page!). You can download it, listen to it, repeat and repeat... And drawn into those calm, kind of romantic sounds...

For more...


Leap Over Light - "Cumulus"

Recently, the lovely duo Leap Over Light shared two new tracks with us. One of them is a real "heartbreaker" - "Cumulus".

At the beginning the song takes us to some half-empyt bar, to the scene took from the movie "Casablanca". It makes you wanna say "play it again Sam". Than we can really fly to the clouds, tittled cumulus. But it's not a light, carefree flight.

Melancholic piano and soul-rending vocals introduce the listener to the weird state of unspoken sorrow and sadness. The song contains minimal synth sound, characteristic to the earlier Leap Over Light compositions, from the EP "Wild Oak" ojawiają się też minimalnie syntezatorowe brzmienia, charakterystyczne dla utworów Leap Over Light z EP-ki "Wild Oak" (more about Leap Over Light on "It's good because it's Danish" - click HERE).

Lyrical gem which settles in the corner of the heart and come back to your ears from time to time. "Cumulus" is a bit like a single tear running down the cheek without any reason...

It's good, because it's Danish

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ID: ROSEMARY - a bit of the dark force


After I gave the first listen to "Everything" on the  Ja Ja Ja Music webside, I was a bit shocked. What is this? Is it singing or screaming? And if it's screaming and squeal than why it's so melodious and why does it sound like singing? What's going on? It's the Iranian-Danish duo ROSEMARY - this is what it's all about. A bit mysterious, a bit dark, but with a special force. 


Nelson Can - "Apple Pie"

Female Danish trio, inde-rock sounds, contagious whistling. NELSON CAN. The apple pie in the video clip will make your mouth water, as well as the tasty music.

Unconventional approach to the music - plus. The fact that they are girls and they can whistle - plus. The fact that the song stucks it your head for long (but very pleasant) hours - plus. The rhythm section which "builds" the song in 100% - also a plus. In general - everything's in the right place, smoothly connected with each other.

The song "Apple Pie" is really a piece of music which makes your mouth water for more. Nelson Can's debut EP was released in January 2012. What's next? We'll wait, we'll hear... For now - "Apple Pie" (good song to listen to during baking some tasty stuff - maybe made from apples?)


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LISTEN TO IT: Asbjørn - "The Criminal"

Asbjørn - "The Criminal"

Aarhus - Danish city where Northside Festival takes place. A hometown of a musician who combine the originality of modern electronic with the delicacy of the 80's - Asbjørn. His single "The Criminal" will put you on your feet right away. The mix of hidden aggressiveness (like in the British Psychologist) with lightness of James Blake sounds.

There's something in this song which force you to dance, as well as think through your actions. Electro-pop melancholy.

Thumbs up for the way the classic piano sound is integrated with the electronic. It gaves the song the class. 

"The Criminal" can be downloaded for free  from Asbjørn's Facebook page - under this LINK.