New single from GREEN LIVES - "Dancing in the Snow"

Green Lives - "Dancing in the Snow"

You're feeling cold? Listen to the new single of Danes from Green Lives. Warming, energetic song "Dancing in the Snow" will bring a smile to your face. 

Strumming quitar, careless video clip (the theme with the twin is a bit like a scenes from Efterklang's "I Was Playing Drums"). "Dancing in the Snow" has everything that a good song should have. Catchy melody, pleasant vocal. And a plus for using the trick as old as the hills - a pause in the middle of the song. A plus for it, because Green Lives used it wisely (same as the "trick" with the children choir in their earlier track "Everybody Knows Who You Are, Anna").  Green Lives risked again by using oldfashioned ways of making music. And they won again, extracting the freshness out from them.

There's nothing left to do than humming the song all day long. Even if it's gray and cold outside and even though it's going to be a hard day. Think that it's possible to dance in the snow. And if you can do that, you can do almost anything. Especially with Green Lives new song in your ears.
"We'll be dancing in the snow... tonight!"


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