Chamber Junkie - "Separation"

Are you looking for a summer song to be a background of lazy warm evenings and mornings after crazy parties? Try CHAMBER JUNKIE song "Separation". Warning! It's not another sweet, charming "no worries" track. The melody is light and sunny, but it has to be something bitter to appreciate the joyful side. Here you have it all.

ASBJØRN - the interview with Good, because Danish @Spot Festival 2012 [INTERVIEWS]

Asbjørn - the interview (part 1)

A young Dane that recorded a stunning debut album "Sunken Ships". A musician who believes that pop music can be still alive. A super nice guy who left his dinner to talk with Good, because Danish about his music.

Listen to Asbjørn talking about pop music and about "Sunken Ships" (the interview in English).

For those of you who'd like to hear how Polish language sounds like - the interview with Asbjørn on the broadcast Good, because Danish on Radio AFERA (in Polish) - listen to the whole show or go to 32 minute :)

WHERE DID NORA GO - "Away, Away, Away" EP [ID]

Where did Nora go - "Away, Away, Away" EP

We own four songs from the mini-album "Away, Away, Away" to Astrid Nora. This vocalist composed an EP that is on one hand very dreamy, but on the other hand - very dark and mysterious. Pop with a hint of electronic and the addition of classical instruments - Danes surely know how to combine these things with a style. "Away, Away, Away" confirm this argument.

REPTILE YOUTH - new single "Black Swan Born White" [NEWS]

Reptile Youth - "Black Swan Born White" 

They did a great job with "Speedance". There's been over a year since that song and they still don't have any recorded material. Despite that, they keep on winning the Danes hearts by live performances. Energetic, unpredictable Reptile Youth kept us waiting for a long time for the new song. But now we can listen and enjoy "Black Swan Born White"... First listening: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Second listening: what is going on in here? Third listening: OH DAMN!

NovemberDecember - "Save Yourself" [LISTEN TO IT!]

NovemberDecember - "Save Yourself"

A dose of calm, acoustic sounds with a hint of both: melancholy and joy in it. Danes from NovemberDecember - their music can make you feel light. During listening of "Save Yourself" the sun is shining a bit more and the wind is blowing a bit less. All gets a bit quieter, even if we're standing pedestrian crossing in the center of the city.



Boho Dancer
In February 2012 they released an EP "Furry Skin". Before that they supported Sort Sol, as well as played at SPOT. Festival 2011 and 2012, at festivals Skandenborg and NothSide or in Copenhagen Tivoli. They tour A LOT! Because they have the material that has to be heard live. Boho Dancer's music attracts - to the chair, to the sofa, to the bench or the pavement - depending on where do you listen to it.


Schultz and Forever - "Odd Stories" EP

Schultz and Forever
If an seventeen-years-old guy is able to create such beautiful and mature music, than I can't imagine what he will do when he will be older. Jonathan Schultz, young Dane with the look of Harry Potter and the musical mind of Dumbledore, is a leader of a group Schultz and Forever. He can move with the music he makes. Schultz and Forever EP "Odd Stories"  contains three songs that confirm this statement.  

SPOT Festival 2012 (05-05-2012) - DAY 2

SPOT Festival 2012 - DAY 2

I was moving the writing and translation of this post for later. Because the moment it will be finished would be the moment when Spot Festival 2012 ends for me for real. So... it's now. The second day in Aarhus, Saturday, was wonderful. First, lovely shows during Spot DAYPARTY (you can read about them HERE), than... musical heaven. Seriously. Heaven.


When Saitns Go Machine - Mannequin

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE released their new single. The song is called "Mannequin" and you can stream it on the webside of Danish radio P3.

Original atmosphere, still the same characteristic vocal and uniqe, specifil dreamy-style. The song ends pretty unexpectedly... we're waiting for more..

SPOT Festival 2012 (05-05-2012): NAKED - a singer and a piano

NAKED - a singer and a piano

Musikhuset. Lille Sal. That's where Spot Festival 2012 NAKED project concerts took place twice - on Friday and on Saturday. Four Danish singers: Ane Trolle, Silas Bjerregaard (Turboweekend), Clara Sofie and Johan Olsen (Magtens Korridorer) and Swedish pianist: Gustaf Ljunggren. Magic.

ROSA LUX - Monsters (feat. Randi Laubek) [LISTEN TO IT!]

Rosa Lux - Monsters (feat. Randi Laubek) 

Rosa Lux charms the electronic. With sense, with taste. She simply has a gift.  "Monsters" is the best example of it.

SPOT Festival 2012 (05-05-2012) - Spot DAYPARTY @V58


Deep breath and... after Spot Festival 2012 DAY 1... day 2 came. It's Saturday morning. Well... to that "morning" maybe, because 11:15 is closer to noon. Aarhus is sunny and windy (the wind makes it sooooooo cold, but that's ok). People are gathering around at the V58 yard. They're sitting down on big pillows, drinking beer and enjoying the light and nice music. Spot DAYPARTY. It is "day" and it is a "party". It's also lovely. Who's playing?


Shaka Loveless - Tomgang

Everytime when I listen to the song sang in Danish that I like, I have mixed feelings. It's a mix of joy and shame. Joy from the fact that I like the song and shame from the fact that I don't speak a word in Danish. You'll probably think - so why the heck (or any other shock-asking sentence) a blog about the Danish music without knowing Danish? Well, there's no good explanation to this queation. I promise to work on my Danish... someday... Now, I just listen to it, and listen to it and I really like Shaka Loveless song "Tomgang".

SPOT Festival 2012 (04-05-2012) - DAY 1

SPOT Festival 2012 - DAY 1

SPOT Festival in Aarhus = Danish and Scandinavian music at their best. Two days with amazing artists, great atmosphere and huge amount of concerts. Good, because Danish didn't make it to see all that should be seen, but there were some quite good shows. Time to share the experience on the blog.

BTW - this is a shorter version of the report from DAY 1 in Polish, which you can fine HERE.

GIANA FACTORY @HBC, Berlin 02-05-2012 [concerts, interviews]

Giana Factory - the concert and short interview

Trio Giana Factory was in Belin on Wednesday 02-05-2012. "Good, because Danish" was in Berlin as well at their concert at HBC venue. How was it? Quite good. How was the short interview after the show? Listen to yourself...

Kúra - "Halfway to the Moon" [REVIEW]

Kúra- "Halfway to the Moon"
author: Nona Karnowska (soundcheck)

The debut album of the Danish-Icelandic trio Kúra was released on the 30th of April. It’s entitled “Halfway To The Moon” and contains 10 minimalistic, electronic tracks. It’s a great debut that proves that the Scandinavian music scene is as strong as ever.

The album, as a whole, is very consistent and even, like a properly composed and realized plan. But let’s start from the beginning…


Lydmor - "A lot of Love"
no. 6 from the debut album "A Pile of Empty Tapes"

Something good will see the light of day on the 7th of May. That's when LYDMOR's debut album "A Pile of Empty Tapes" is coming out. Lydmor decided to share songs from it with her fans earlier. From five days she does it through various music blogs. Every day one of Lydmor's songs appears on a different webside. Today no. 6 - "A lot of Love" - has its premiere on a blog "Good, because Danish".