Boho Dancer
In February 2012 they released an EP "Furry Skin". Before that they supported Sort Sol, as well as played at SPOT. Festival 2011 and 2012, at festivals Skandenborg and NothSide or in Copenhagen Tivoli. They tour A LOT! Because they have the material that has to be heard live. Boho Dancer's music attracts - to the chair, to the sofa, to the bench or the pavement - depending on where do you listen to it.

The musical association with the past times cannot end, when you listen to Boho Dancer. If you want to feel like you were walking through the green fields of Irleand for the middle ages, take Boho Dancer songs in your ears ("Me & Your God"). Or if you want to hear how strikingly natural the music can be. The same when you look for strenght and grace in music ("Pistols") - Boho Dancer.

The music of these three Danes also attracks because of the amazing vocalsIda Wenøe has the voice that you eaither fall in love with or hate. There's nothing in between. I adore her voice.

Especially in  "Furry Skin".

This song has a doze of the energy that is releasing step by step, note by note. It sounds like a melody from the village somewhere far away in time and space, where a shaman cures people with music. Boho Dancer sounds can heal. I think so. Really.


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