Spy from Aalborg - WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at Studenterhuset

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at Studenterhuset
(report and photos by Agata Kłusak)

New section on the blog. "Good, because it's Danish" has a spy in Denmark :) Right in Aalborg. The spy is Agata Kłusak. She will be smuggling reports and photos from concerts in Studenterhuset for you.

To (awesomely) start with -  few words and few photos from last night's (29.10.2011) gig of WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE.

BTW - nice coincidence, first posts on both POLISH and ENGLISH version of the blog were about... WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE :)

So, here it is - WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at Studenterhuset, Aalborg.

Interview with THULEBASEN - "Music is an universal language"


Three musicians. Their debut album "Gate 5" is unique. Three super-nice people. They care about what they say, because they know the meaning of words. Felia, Niels and Nis met up with "Good, because Danish" in Copenhagen, before  THULEBASEN concert at Lille VEGA (as a support of tUnE+yArDs) 08-09-201. 
What we were talking about? Listen to.

nordic-music.blogspot.com about BOTTLED IN ENGLAND concert in Poland


"Polish people joined the massive!"

by Agnieszka Bolek

"They took us by surprise. Usually it takes time to 'rock the house', but their music just suddenly exploded and they threw their energy out from the very beginning. They didn't have to wait long for people to join them."


QUADRON - soothing balm for your soul

(translation: Arletta Przynoga)

Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj i Robin Hannibal

Electro-soul duo. Or soul-electro duo. That’s how they describe themselfs. And they are two people. She and he. QUADRON.
Soothing, pleasant, swaying, balsamic, divinely sweet sounds of Copenhagen.