MARIE FISKER - Danish delicacy and mystery

Marie Fisker

The vocalist with a deep, trudly beautiful voice. The music like a rose – a mixture of fragility and feminity together with mystery and thorn twinge. Musical Denmark which discovers a bit dark, a bit unrecognized areas. Addictive and uncopyable creativness – Marie Fisker.

Big thanks to Maciej, “Dobre, bo duĊ„skie” reader, for letting me know about such a music pearl.

GIANA FACTORY - Danish raw femininity

Giana Factory
(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)

Danish women prove, once again, that the genuine musical strength lies deep down inside them. After such magnificences as: Darkness Falls, Oh Land, The Asteroids GalaxyTour, Marie Fisker... (just to name a few). It is high time to give a careful listen to music made by trio - Giana Factory, more severe, feminine embodiment of WhoMadeWho. Although not quite exactly alike. With a little touch of electronic coldness. Distinguished.

WAKE ME FOR COFFEE - delicate wake up in a... cup

Wake Me For Coffee

Electronic sounds – checked. More stirring music – checked. Stimulating atmosphere – checked. Subtle tunes – checked. A little bit of calm playing – added. This is (more or less) the music mix proposed by a man who’s hiding under the nickname WAKE ME FOR COFFEE. „Good, because it’s Danish” adores coffee. „GbD” also liked the music coffee served by Wake Me For Coffee.

LEAP OVER LIGHT - honest sound, true sound

Leap Over Light
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Another not trite female vocal from Denmark. Another band which career is just beginning. Indie music, interesting atmosphere, a little bit of unconventional pop, a little bit of around-folk climates and charisma which can be heard in each song. Listen to LEAP OVER LIGHT. You won’t regret it! 

FALLULAH - 100% of female beauty

(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

A tremendously great voice, positive message, intriguing lyrics and playing with the vocals – Fallulah.

If you like Marina and the Dimonds, Florence and the Machine or Sara BareillesFallulah will be just perfect for you!