GIANA FACTORY - Danish raw femininity

Giana Factory
(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)

Danish women prove, once again, that the genuine musical strength lies deep down inside them. After such magnificences as: Darkness Falls, Oh Land, The Asteroids GalaxyTour, Marie Fisker... (just to name a few). It is high time to give a careful listen to music made by trio - Giana Factory, more severe, feminine embodiment of WhoMadeWho. Although not quite exactly alike. With a little touch of electronic coldness. Distinguished.

Trio consisting of Louise Foo, Sofie Johanne and Lisbet Fritze, was formed in 2008. The band attracted the attention of the Danish (but not only) audience. They supported Scottish band Glasvegas on their Scandinavian part of tour. Giana Factory warmed up the audience before the performances of countrymen - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. The band has been also touring independently.
In 2009 they released EP "Bloody Game", produced by Tomas Barfod (WhoMadeWho, Filur). Hence the severity of Giana Factory reminds me of specific roughness of WhoMadeWho.

This is how Jonathan Garrett from Pitchfork described titular "Bloody Game" from the EP:
"(...) This Danish troupe specializes in frozen cold, electronic minimalism, heightening drama through an eerie starkness. "Bloody Game" is little more than pulsing bass and ricocheting keystrokes, as Loui Foo recites the lyrics with clinical dispassion.
"Bloody Game" EP (2009)

"You better open my chest with a knife/ Check if my heart beats for you/ And if it doesn't, then do what you need to do," she intones. The remove in her voice seems far from accidental. In this tale of love gone wrong, she gives up so much of herself to her lover, so much control, that she quite literally ceases to be. It's a chilling, albeit engrossing, account best observed from a distance." (source)

„Trippin” is also a very special and good song.
Giana Factory hypnotizes so much thanks to their full devotion to every single song of theirs. You can hear that the debut album "Save The Youth" (2010) was no exception

"Save The Youth" (2010)

There is good news for those who will get fond of Giana Factory's music - their album can be purchased in Poland through the online store - at this link
People from other countries probably won't have problems with getting it at stores (lucky you! :) ).
Save The Youth", sung by Loui Foo in "Pixelated Truth" ("I was on a quest to save somebody and be the best") can be taken for a report from an expedition into the pasts.
As every note on this album indicate, Giana Facory's wander wasn't easy one. There is some kind of roughness, some anxiety and distance in their music ("Darkness" live version). Every sound seems to be saying, "I invite you to listen to me, but on my terms. And do not get too close." As in "Dirty Snow", in which the gentle beginning does not seem to herald cold, harsh synth-guitar sequel. 
There is also quite large dose of grief, of failed hopes in Giana Facory's electronics ("Mountain" SNIP). You can feel the whiff of coldness during listening "Save The Truth" albumll the feelings accompanying listening to these Danish ladies' music, though seemingly scare off, put in unusual state. You'd be apt to accept the distance and coldness to receive the joy from the Giana Factory's sounds in return.

Giana Factory - wciągająca elektronika

The very special gem is song "Rainbow Girl" (Radio Edit), in which everything I mentioned before is hearable. Femininity, roughness, hope and sadness."Danishness" and the Nordic coldness (and here full, very beautiful, live version of this song, from The Copenhagen X-Sessions).

Giana Factory makes you feel as if you are in musical reserve. You can come in and listen, but do not touch anything and beware of wild musical animals that can bite.

SoundCloud - here you can find great remixes of Giana Factory's songs made by Holtoug or Trentemoller

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