Turboweekend - "Fault Lines" (2012)

Well, the word "review" isn't the best one here, but what to do? We have to label this post somehow. But the text is not anything like "the ode to Turboweekend", because "Fault Lines" is not an album that you can scream and squeal about. It's more a record that you should appreciate. In their recent single "On My Side" Danes from Turboweekend ask: "are you on my side?" - after listening to their new material I can answer: I surely am! 

DANGERS OF THE SEA - "Sheer Desperation" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Dangers Of The Sea - "Sheer Desperation"

If you're looking for a music that will make your heart to tremble and will make you just frozen in stillness with an impression that something amazing is going on right in this moment - check out the song and the video clip to "Sheer Desperation" by Danes from Dangers Of The Sea. 


I'm All Ears - "Be My Love"

Bitter-sweet summer song, anyone? Here you go. The new Danish band, that got a big plus from the very beginning for its name - I'M ALL EARS. They don't let down musically as well and gain a thumbs up for the super light, guitar-floating in the air, yet not so 100% shiny song "Be My Love". Joyful melancholy? Is it possible? Well, seems like it is.

NELSON CAN - "Troublemaker" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Nelson Can - "Troublemaker" 

The only trouble with the new Nelson Can single is that you can't stop listen to it. Three charismatic Danes, after releasing energetic "Apple Pie" and showing their love to drums  "People's Republic of China", went on the dark side of the force. With a great result.

PENNY POLICE: "Up Here" (solo) [LISTEN TO IT!]

PENNY POLICE - "Up Here" (solo)

Penny Police

It's a bit quiet here on Good, because Danish these days, because of the non-Danish stuff that are going on, but it will change soon.

For now an info and a song:
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- to listen to for now: "Up Here" by PENNY POLICE.

VIDEO-SESSION: new video clips from Danish bands! [NEWS]


If you have a moment - sit down, relax and watch the new video clips that were released by Danish bands last week. Something nice for your ears, eyes and other senses as well.

EFTERKLANG - "The Ghost" announce the new album [NEWS]

Efterklang - "The Ghost"

Efterklang is coming back! In a great style and (as always) in an extraordinary way. The new album is announced for September. Its live pre-premiere took place in Sydney. Efterklang performed there along with the Sydney Symphony and played the new material. Inter alia - the song "The Ghost".

TURBOWEEKEND - "On My Side" video clip [NEWS]

Turboweekend - "On My Side"

You probably know the song that was released some time ago and can be streamed on Radio P3 webside. Now you can see the video clip to it. Turboweekend shared the clip to "On My Side" today. What's is all about? You can read at the description of the video or here below :)

"On My Side" is a single from Turboweekend's forthcoming third album "Fault Lines" (premiere: 25.06.2012).


Mother Lewinsky - "Some Kind Of Fight"

Sometimes there's no need to  use the guitars and drums to make an interesting song. It also doesn't have to be a capella, to sound very delicate and classic. Mother Lewinsky is a new Danish music project that decided to closer the world of classical instruments to us in a very extraordinaty way. What way?

ASBJØRN - "Sunken Ships" [REVIEW]

ASBJØRN - "Sunken Ships" 
(author: Nona Karnowska - soundcheck)

On the 16th of April Asbjørn released his debut album “Sunken Ships”. Recording it took a year and a half and the effect is surely worth all the work. Asbjørn is a barely 19-year-old Danish musician, but already I see a stellar future for him. What characterizes him is great vulnerability and the ability to combine what seem to be completely different musical worlds into one consistent pop sound. But this isn’t just some simple, thoughtless mainstream pop like the type that floods us every day. This is modern pop, a well thought-out alternative.