DANGERS OF THE SEA - "Sheer Desperation" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Dangers Of The Sea - "Sheer Desperation"

If you're looking for a music that will make your heart to tremble and will make you just frozen in stillness with an impression that something amazing is going on right in this moment - check out the song and the video clip to "Sheer Desperation" by Danes from Dangers Of The Sea. 

"Sheer Desperation" overpowers the listener. From the very first second all the other sounds from the "outside world" are left far behind... We frozen, we listen to, we absorb Dangers Of The Sea music with all parts of our bodies. It's like every sense wanted to "touch" (even a little bit) "Sheer Despetation".  As well as touch the piano that sounds most amazing at the end of the song. 

As overpowering (but in a good way) and "freezing" as the song is the video clip to it. Simple, with a picturesque scenery, very significant. It complements the song by Dangers Of The Sea.

However, after listening to "Sheer Desperation" I don't feel like destroying anything. I feel more like to hide in the four walls of my room and cry in peace. Of simply be alone with myself and Dangers Of The Sea music.


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