You say Denmark and all is clear. It’s a country of LEGO and Olsen’s gang. That’s true. But there’s a lot more interesting things in Denmark!

Music for example. Increadible amount of brilliant artists and bands. If you like discovering new sounds, you’ll find info about a bunch of great Danish musicians here.

What is it all about?

The blog Good Because Danish is an English version of a Polish website "Dobre, bo duńskie" (which means... Good Because Danish :) ). The purpose of this initiative is to gather the information about different Danish musicians and spread the word about bands from this wonderful country. 

Along with the blog, there's also a radio show "Good Because Danish" on Poznań University radio station - Radio AFERA and 2 Facebook pages: Dobre, bo duńskie and Good Because Danish - where we're trying to update you right away about Danish music news. 

The name of the blog  

The name - Good Because Danish - refers to a Polish quality mark for products. In Poland there's a kind of a quality award for diffrent Polish products on the market.  The prize is called "Good Because Polish". When you buy products with this quality mark, you know that you support the best Polish companies. 
We try to support the best Danish bands and artists, that's why the website is called "Good Because Danish" (BTW We know very well that not everything is good just because it's Danish - we choose from much more music than we present on the blog... seriously! :) ).

How to reach us?

If you want to contact Good Because Danish, feel free to write us on Facebook (or on this Facebook page) or e-mail us. 

We'd love you for spreading the word about the website, so we could spread the word about the Danish music more efficiently.

the growing-Good Because Danish team


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