Asbjørn - "Strange Ears" [LISTEN TO IT! NEWS]

Asbjørn - "Strange Ears"
Good, because Danish has a new favorite electronic relish from Denmark. Asbjørn, after his great song "The Criminal" , comes back with even greater new single. "Strange Ears" sounds VERY promising.

PINKONOIZU - "Parabolic Delusions" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Pinkonoizu - "Parabolic Delusions"
The song annouces their debut album "Free Time". The song is catchy and joyful. A song a bit twisted (but in a good way). Pinkonoizu - "Parabolic Delusions".

DEER BEAR: "House Behind the Eyes" [REVIEW]

author: Szymon Kozłowski
 [translation: Ania Kitowska]

Deer Bear is an explosion-prone chemical substance: she is rooted in synth-pop, he had a history with deathmetal. Back in the 80ies, the members of those two subcultures would chase each other in the streets, holding dangerous tools in their hands. As a result of this synthesis, however, we get a wonderful song, which proves that some things do get lost in nature.


Mammut Is In Love - ID

Spring - the time of feeling in love. I have no idea did mammuts fell in love when they were living on Earth. But I know I fell in love with one particular mammut. Who's in love. And his (or her) voice and shapes have nothing to do with mammuts at all. MAMMUT IS IN LOVE. Linda Christine in a very interesting music project.


Darkness Falls - "Timeline"

First the was a single "Hey!" from the debut EP "Darkness Falls". And it was good, as... hey! Than more mysterious  "The Void"  (with interesting video clip, with hazy Copenhagen in the morning).

Now the duo Darkness Falls presents the new singel from their debut album "Alive In Us" - the song "Timeline". 


ULIGE NUMRE - "København"

A Polish singer Czesław Niemen (an icon of Polish music, you should listen to his stunning voice when you'll have a moment) recorded a song called "A dream about Warsaw" once ("Sen o Warszawie"). The song "København" by a group Ulige Numre was created a long time after the Polish song, but they have a lot in common. The love to the city and a retro style.

YOU.YOU.YOU. - "When You Fall" [LISTEN TO IT!]

You.You.You. - When You Fall

Forget about Canadian The Weekend. From now on it's only You.You.You.! A new music project from Copenhagen that takes you to bed with their sexy, yet romantic beats and soft vocals. If you like to feel the love in the air, press play and listen to "When You Fall".

SPOT. Festival 2012

Line-up of this year's SPOT. Festival is a great excuse to take a listen to the Danish musicians that were mentioned on Good, because Danish, but very briefly. Today three bands from "indie-..." - fill out with what you feel fits here - music scene.

HOLTOUG - "Grapevine" [NEWS]

Holtoug - "Grapevine" (orginal: Marvin Gaye)

Mikkel Holtoug uploaded a new remix on his SoundCloud. The premiere of his debut EP "ScareCrow" is announed for the late Spring 2012.  

"Grapevine" by Holtoug has this something.  There's a shadow of classic sounds from the 60's. But this shadow is framed by high level modern electronic!

DRAGONBORN feat. Coco (QUADRON) - "Looking for Lovin'" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Dragonborn ft. Coco (Quadron) - "Looking for Lovin'"

Prepare yourself for probably the shortest post on Good, because Danish blog. And prepare for an addictive song. Ok? Ready? 3... 2... 1...

SPOT. Festival 2012: KIRSTEN & MARIE [introducing]

SPOT. Festival 2012 - KIRSTEN & MARIE

Good, because Danish is going to Aarhus in May (4-5) to participate in a super cool event: SPOT. Festival. You can read more about it at Nordic Spotlight.

The line-up is very rich. We started to introduce the artists that will come to Aarhus in May. But nobody said we have to do it alphabetically ;) Today some delicate female sounds - KIRSTEN & MARIE.

SPOT. Festival 2012: AGE OF GIANTS [introducing]

SPOT. Festival 2012 - AGE OF GIANTS

Good, because Danish is going to Aarhus in May (4-5) to participate in a super cool event: SPOT. Festival. You can read more about it at Nordic Spotlight.

The line-up is very rich. Some of the artists announced for this year's SPOT. Festival was already mentioned on the blog. You could read about some of them on Good, because Danish Facebook page. But there're also musicians we didn't mention yet. It's about time to change it!


Orange Monks - Virtuality
Orange Monks-"Black Lung" (2010)
"It is a relatively wry pop/rock universe, Orange Monks are based in" (source: Facebook)

"You set my soul on fire, but it's not just a spark, it's a buring flame" - each sound of the song "Virtuality" really sets fire in various parts of the soul. Wonderful composition, expressing many emotions by simple (but very accurate) words. "Virtuality" comes from Orange Monks debut EP "Black Lung" (2010).

RANGLEKLOGS - "Empty" live @VEGA, 20-01-2012 [NEWS]

Rangleklods - "Empty" live

Rangleklods will soon release his debut album. The EP "Home" announced a dark and untypical music. The single "Clouds" made me feel totally confused by its lighter sound and an atmosphere took from Twin Shadow songs. Rangleklods can be very diverse in making music.

Rangleklods gave a sample of his talent during a concert in VEGA, Copenhagen in January. Now you can see (and listen to) how he performed a song "Empty".

New THULEBASEN singe - "Forever Grinning" - PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE premiere [NEWS]

source: Facebook
Thulebasen - "Forever Grinning" 

Thulebasen, after their great debut album "Gate 5" finally released a new composition. Going back to this psychedelic, super-unique music after a while is refreshing. New Thulebasen single is called "Forever Grinning". 
The official premiere of the song took place  
on a Danish blog Passive/Aggressive. 


White Fall - "No Less"

"All in all White Fall is a band characterized by a multiplicity of inputs and ideas, where every-thing from playing, sampling, recording, mixing is made by the band itself." (source: Facebook)

Danish-Faroese trio from Copenhagen. Incredibly clean vocal that lead us through the calm vibration of sounds and through the waves of the song "No Less". Electronic gem.