HOLTOUG - "Grapevine" [NEWS]

Holtoug - "Grapevine" (orginal: Marvin Gaye)

Mikkel Holtoug uploaded a new remix on his SoundCloud. The premiere of his debut EP "ScareCrow" is announed for the late Spring 2012.  

"Grapevine" by Holtoug has this something.  There's a shadow of classic sounds from the 60's. But this shadow is framed by high level modern electronic!

Holtoug possess some kind of almost secret knowledge. A secret knowledge about how to create vibrant compositions that are great to contemplate them by electronic music lovers as well as to dance to them without thinking too much. The synthesis of charismatic style, class and pugnacity - which is still present in Holtoug's productions - makes you wait impatientlly for his debut EP. 

"Grapevine" (original song "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye) is available as a free download from Holtoug's SoundCloud profile.

"I'm just about to lose my mind"


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