YOU.YOU.YOU. - "When You Fall" [LISTEN TO IT!]

You.You.You. - When You Fall

Forget about Canadian The Weekend. From now on it's only You.You.You.! A new music project from Copenhagen that takes you to bed with their sexy, yet romantic beats and soft vocals. If you like to feel the love in the air, press play and listen to "When You Fall".

"When You fall, I fall with you (...) touch me when you dream"... - and so on. From the first second of "When You Fall"... you really fall. Of fell - in love with this song.
"You.You.You. is a three-piece electronic band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Centered around bedroom-producer Rasmus Poulsens lyrics and vocals, You.You.You. blend UK-inspired electronic music with techno, edgy pop and dark Scandinavian melancholy" (source: Facebook)
The two other You.You.You. songs (SoundCloud) are more dance, more edgy pop. "When You Fall" hits the strings of "dark Scandinavian melancholy" - and that's good!

In "When You Fall" You.You.You. combine what's best in (mentioned earlier) The Weekend's beats with what's the most touching in James Blake music. And they add this special hint of "Danishness" to their songs. It's deep, it's moving, it gets from your ears to the bones, brain and heart. It fill you totally with the feeling of pleasure and melancholy at the same time.

Feel the magic of this bedroom-music. "When You Fall" is a perfect explanation of why there's a "repeat 1" button.


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