ULIGE NUMRE - "København"

A Polish singer Czesław Niemen (an icon of Polish music, you should listen to his stunning voice when you'll have a moment) recorded a song called "A dream about Warsaw" once ("Sen o Warszawie"). The song "København" by a group Ulige Numre was created a long time after the Polish song, but they have a lot in common. The love to the city and a retro style.

Wonderful video clip, but what's more important - wonderful song. Calm, but not boring. Retro, but not "old and decrepit". Ulige Numre sing it in Danish (lyrics), but even if you don't speak this language (like me) you can feel in your bones that those guys really like Copenhagen. 

Ulige Numre means Old Numbers and they clearly have a fondness for slightly rock'n'roll old school retro style. And for the guitars reminding the time of hippies. Aaaaand Ulige Numre can create a remarkable atmosphere with their music. That's for sure.

If "København" is your city and the song is "your song" - you might like to listen to "Navn I Sne" by Ulige Numre. Equally wonderful and joyful retro-composition.


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