SPOT. Festival 2012: AGE OF GIANTS [introducing]

SPOT. Festival 2012 - AGE OF GIANTS

Good, because Danish is going to Aarhus in May (4-5) to participate in a super cool event: SPOT. Festival. You can read more about it at Nordic Spotlight.

The line-up is very rich. Some of the artists announced for this year's SPOT. Festival was already mentioned on the blog. You could read about some of them on Good, because Danish Facebook page. But there're also musicians we didn't mention yet. It's about time to change it!

 First SPOT. Festival introduction:  
"An ethereal slice of carefree warm-weather pop music that will no doubt get heads turning beyond Scandinavian shores" (source: BandCamp)

Five Danes from Copenhagen present very pleasant pop-indie sound. With minimal (mini, mini, minimal) dose of post-rock guitars. Joyful and trudlly carefree songs perfect for Spring time. 

You can download for free the EP "Mellow Fruitfulness" from Age Of Giants BandCamp page. Four songs take us to an island of wonders, to the land of Lilliputians from a tale about Guliwer. This music island is a tropical one, but in a different way than The Eclectic Moniker's island (this band will also play at this year's SPOT. Festival). On an island of Age Of Giants you feel more indie, more "native". Check it out by yourselves.

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