KISS ME SCARLETT - the triumph of guitars and policy of love

Kiss Me Scarlett 
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Kiss Me Scarlett

What would you say for a little music kiss? :) Not from „It’s good because it’s Danish” – but from a really nice band. The band which demand a kiss from a girl named Scarlett.  

KISS ME SCARLETT is a trudly joyful group, sharing their positive energy with the world through music. Smile, smile, smile and dance!

OH LAND – oh, what a music!

Oh Land
(translation by Magda Sawińska)

Let’s start a female topic. This time it's gonna be a lot of music, but only a little bit of writing

There's no point describing this beautiful, young and truly talented Dane – Nanna Øland Fabricius (known as Oh Land).  
What you have to do is to listen to her music. If you like her, it's quite possible, you'll also enjoy listening to Fallulah (one of the next posts will be about her). 

 But let's focus on OH LAND now!

THE ECLECTIC MONIKER - music discovery of

Today a lot of music news which came to me from different nice people. First I had a crash on Alcoholic Faith Mission which I discovered courtesy of a music fan from Poznań. Than, also courtesy of a music fan (this time from Łódź), I fell in love with  
The Eclectic Moniker

ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION - intoxicating music, no hangover

Alcoholic Faith Mission
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Alcoholic Faith Mission

They don’t have too much in common with Denmark now, because they went to USA and was living in Brooklyn for a long time (although I guess they came back to Denmark lately). But they are Danish, that’s why they appear on this blog.

Alcoholic Faith Mission was created by Sune Soelunda and Thoreben Seiero Jensen in 2006 in Brooklyn. Than... 

GINGER NINJA – ginger warriors attack with great sounds

Ginger Ninja
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Energy, spontaneity, positive vibes – if this is what you’re looking for in music, you can’t miss Ginger Ninja.

Climatic bass, a doze of nice keys and guitars – all supported by vibrant drums. Huge positive sounds which got this specific “something”. It attracts and makes your legs dance by their own.


The Floor Is Made Of Lava
(translation by Ania Kitowska)

Something to warm you up - THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA. A piece of good rock music!

The band consists of Tobias Kippendberger, Simon Visti, Lars Rock and Asbjorn Norgaard was established in 2006. 

KILL SCREEN MUSIC - deadly good music!

Kill Screen Music
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Kill Screen Music
I discovered the band I want to tell you about today because of the "godfathers" of this blog - Turboweekend. 
Kill Screen Music is another sensational good Danish group which supported Turboweekend during their Spring tour in Denmark.

EFTERKLANG - can't be forgotten, evokes pleasurable memories

(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Today I'll write about a band which is so magical that basiclly it's impossible to write anything valuable about it. Everything will be to shallow and it won't show the variety of the music. The longer I listen to Efterklang the more I'm impressed.

And I can't sort out my thoughts when I listen to their music. 

AND YOU'RE OFF - Pearl Jam and Bloc Party on a music walk around Copenhagen

And You're Off
(translation by Arletta Przynoga) 

Five men. Five songs on one EP. Five stars plus the bonus award for style and keep the music in a bitter-sweet climate. You can’t disconnect when And You're Off are playing their music.

SILVER FALLS // MY SECRET MACHINE – sit back comfortably and relax...

 Silver Falls // My Secret Machine
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

We’re going to the music of Denmark slightly dreamy, slightly nostalgic, slightly absent and swinging in the clouds.  

And this is thanks to sounds serves by Jakob F. Kristiansen. This Dane is the creator of two single projects - SILVER FALLS, and his latest "baby" - MY SECRET MACHINE. 

Sit back, time for a little rest, peace and relaxation ...


(translation by Ania Kitowska and Arletta Przynoga) 

I think it’s high time to write something about the musicians of... Turboweekend!  

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE - to (awesomely) start with

When Saints Go Machine
(translation by Ania Kitowska and Arletta Przynoga)


Four gentleman - Silas Moldenhawer, Jonas Kenton, Simon Muschinsky and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild. They live in Copenhagen. So far, they’ve recorder two LP's. The second one – “Konkylie” is due to may 21st , 2011. The music itself is amazing! If you’re into electronic sounds and you’re open minded when it comes to new musical experience – you’re about to fall in love with When Saints Go Machine.

"Dobre, bo duńskie" in English - translation in progress

Hello, hello, hello,

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"It's good, because it's Danish" is an English version of a Polish blog "Dobre, bo duńskie". All posts (more or less) from "Dobre, bo duńskie" will be translated and uploaded here. And every new post will be from now on published in two versions: Polish and English (Polish one will be always first, than after a while - English one - sorry...).

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