EFTERKLANG - can't be forgotten, evokes pleasurable memories

(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Today I'll write about a band which is so magical that basiclly it's impossible to write anything valuable about it. Everything will be to shallow and it won't show the variety of the music. The longer I listen to Efterklang the more I'm impressed.

And I can't sort out my thoughts when I listen to their music. 

This is the place in this post where there's should be some sort of definition of Efterklang's music. But none of those available in Polish or English language fit. They won't give you the picture. I leave it totally to music this time. It can speak for itself.

The name of the band comes from Danish word "remembrance" or "memory". Efterklang's music fits perfectly to this name. They are eastily memorable and when you think of them it reveals a whole lot of different emotions. Eftergklang released 3 albums so far: "Tripper" (2004), "Parades" (2007) and "Magic Chairs" (2010) --> some of their songs can be downloaded for free from Efterklang's official webside.

"Tripper" (2004)

"Parades" (2007)


"An Island"

Efterklang's last album "Magic Chairs" is one of the most amazing things my ears ever experienced. Really magical. And it bewitch even more when you listen to it after watching a movie "An Island". It's a work of Vincent Moon and the main characters are - Efterklang musicians. You can read more about "An Island" on it's official webside. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!


And here's a sample of what you can find on "Magic Chairs". Efterklang takes you on a beautiful, extraordinary journey to the fairy land of their music. THEIR music. I think this is the most accurate definition. "Magic Chairs" is extraordinary EFTERKLANG's musical world.

"Magic Chairs" (2010)

Efterklang - Modern Drift  


Efterklang cooperates with many Danish artists from different areas. They worked with Turboweekend as well. (here you can find more about TW's EP "Bound"). The effects of this collaboration are two reimxes Efterweekend/Turboklang:

Efterklang - Full Moon (Turboweekend remix)

Turboweekend - Sweet Jezebel (Efterklang remix)

This post isn't too substantive, too logical, maybe it's full of... adoration for sounds served by Efterklang. But their music is on a different level. It's impossible not to appreciate it!

Official webside

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