"Dobre, bo duńskie" in English - translation in progress

Hello, hello, hello,

If you found a Polish blog "Dobre, bo duńskie" on the Internet and you liked it (or the google translator's version of it) but you're not a fan of Polish language (or google translator) - here comes the solution of all your troubles!

"It's good, because it's Danish" is an English version of a Polish blog "Dobre, bo duńskie". All posts (more or less) from "Dobre, bo duńskie" will be translated and uploaded here. And every new post will be from now on published in two versions: Polish and English (Polish one will be always first, than after a while - English one - sorry...).

Check out this webside for English versions of older posts from "Dobre, bo duńskie".

If you haven't done it yet, please like "Dobre, bo duńskie" // "It's good, because it's Danish" on Facebook. All updates will appear out there.

Translation in progress... Keep your fingers crossed for it! :)

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