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Today a lot of music news which came to me from different nice people. First I had a crash on Alcoholic Faith Mission which I discovered courtesy of a music fan from Poznań. Than, also courtesy of a music fan (this time from Łódź), I fell in love with  
The Eclectic Moniker
On the blog you can read about The Eclectic Moniker. Their EP „A Part Of Something Bigger” was available for a free download from their bandcamp webside, but it’s not any more. However, you can still listen to it there. And say thank you to Agnieszka for such a great music discovery :)

"A Part of Something Bigger" EP

"A Part of Something Bigger" contains 4 songs that takes you to the world of hot tropical beaches, drinks with cocktail umbrella and summer lazieness. In 4 songs musicians didn’t forget about a proper doze of stimulating sounds as well as a bit of thoughtfulness. 4 compositions in which guitars are playing so delightfully that you have to like them! A great ending of the EP is a song "We're Soldiers in a Silent War (Terminal)" . The beginning and vocals reminds me of When Saints Go Machine. And it means the song is great!

These are my thoughts and association when I listen to The Eclectic Moniker’s EP „A Part Of Something Bigger”. 

Check out what Brandon Bogajewicz from The Burning Ear blog thinks of it - you can read his post about The Eclectic Moniker HERE.

I look forward to „something bigger” from The Eclectic Moniker!!! Follow their career, lately they supported Oh Land in Copenhagen. What comes next? We’ll see...

translation by Arletta Przynoga

Bandcamp - here you can listen to the EP
YouTube channel

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