Asbjørn - "Strange Ears" [LISTEN TO IT! NEWS]

Asbjørn - "Strange Ears"
Good, because Danish has a new favorite electronic relish from Denmark. Asbjørn, after his great song "The Criminal" , comes back with even greater new single. "Strange Ears" sounds VERY promising.

Maybe my ears are strange, but they fell in love with new Asbjørn's song from the first second. "Strange Ears" is slower, more calm than "The Criminal". It reminds me some of the songs of Jamie Woon. While listening we can feel like we were in the forest at night. With full moon. We can almost feel the moisture in the air...

"Strange Ears" enters in a specific trance. The sounds aren't rushing anywere, they're passing by in their own rythm. And we have to submit to it.

And this claping. Or more a metrical sounds. If you're looking for a song good to step - "Strange Ears" seems to be a perfect option.

"(...) we loose track of time"


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