PINKONOIZU - "Parabolic Delusions" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Pinkonoizu - "Parabolic Delusions"
The song annouces their debut album "Free Time". The song is catchy and joyful. A song a bit twisted (but in a good way). Pinkonoizu - "Parabolic Delusions".

"Pinkunoizu are at their best when they’re having fun with you, when the sounds diffuse with the joy of a mixture of pop rocks and cola, and the explosions that shoot through headphones can be read from the smiles they create" (source: The Line Of Best Fit)
Everything in "Parabolic Delusions" sounds like it was from somewhere else. Like the musical puzzles didn't fit to each other completly. But there'a a main-line in it anyway. Controled hodgepodge. "Parabolic Delusions" has many interesting relish. Some child's syths, some mature saxophone, a little bit of rakish style and the feeling of joy. Pinkonoizu entertains, Pinkonoizu expetriments, Pinconoizu intrigues and makes you wanna listen to this debut album so bad!  

And a plus for the video clip, which is... well, find out yourself :)


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