Darkness Falls - "Timeline"

First the was a single "Hey!" from the debut EP "Darkness Falls". And it was good, as... hey! Than more mysterious  "The Void"  (with interesting video clip, with hazy Copenhagen in the morning).

Now the duo Darkness Falls presents the new singel from their debut album "Alive In Us" - the song "Timeline". 

Did the ladies from Darkness Falls was inspired by changes on Facebook, that they called their song "Timeline"? I don't know. And honestly... I don't really care. Because even with a different title, "Timeline" would be still addictive time-eater. 

Pulsating sound, cold, almost freezing guitars. Everything in this song is so icy. So piercing. Everything sounds like it was pull out for the water of a deep dark lake. With every minute "Timeline" discover its darker and darker depth. And when it's finished you feel like you emerged from the water and took a breath of air that you needed so much.

"I always run when I'm not suppose to"

If "Timeline" can sound even more deeper? Yes, it can. In Trentemoller's version. Listen to his remix of "Timeline" here. 


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