Orange Monks - Virtuality
Orange Monks-"Black Lung" (2010)
"It is a relatively wry pop/rock universe, Orange Monks are based in" (source: Facebook)

"You set my soul on fire, but it's not just a spark, it's a buring flame" - each sound of the song "Virtuality" really sets fire in various parts of the soul. Wonderful composition, expressing many emotions by simple (but very accurate) words. "Virtuality" comes from Orange Monks debut EP "Black Lung" (2010).
"Orange Monks is a music collective from Denmark where singer/songwriter Henrik Astrup is the omniscient anchor to the project. The genre is dusty pop/rock/Americana. Orange Monks’ philosophy and approach is all about free intuition and natural flow when writing music" (source: Facebook
Guitar sounds at its best. Vocals painting the story with words. Orange Monks created a song that balances between wakefulness and sleep. 

"You and me are so lucky to be together in virtuality"

In 2011 Orange Monks released an LP "Lion's Den". You can find some of the songs from it on YouTube (for example "At The Bottom")

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