PENNY POLICE: "Up Here" (solo) [LISTEN TO IT!]

PENNY POLICE - "Up Here" (solo)

Penny Police

It's a bit quiet here on Good, because Danish these days, because of the non-Danish stuff that are going on, but it will change soon.

For now an info and a song:
- you can follow Good, because Danish on Facebook, where there are posts about Danish news (in Polish and English) and from July we're back on the blog for 100%!
- to listen to for now: "Up Here" by PENNY POLICE.

You need so little to create the unique atmosphere. The solo version of "Up Here" makes you almost touch the sounds. But you don't do it, because you don't want to destroy the fragile aura that PENNY POLICE builts with her music.

Below there's the single version of "Up Here" from Penny Police debut album "The Broken, The Beggar, The Thief":

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