I'm All Ears - "Be My Love"

Bitter-sweet summer song, anyone? Here you go. The new Danish band, that got a big plus from the very beginning for its name - I'M ALL EARS. They don't let down musically as well and gain a thumbs up for the super light, guitar-floating in the air, yet not so 100% shiny song "Be My Love". Joyful melancholy? Is it possible? Well, seems like it is.

Everything starts with a guitar light as a feather, that you can here delicate elements of percussion in the background. Last but not least, there comes the melodious vocal. It's all nice, summery, a little bit lazy, all in the positive way. Until we take a more careful listen to the lyrics. Lyrics that's... looking for samething.

"If you could be my love, I'll walk a thousand miles, just to be with you, if you could be my love..." - I'm All Ears leave the answer to a question do these words are sang with regret or with hope to the listener. You can think about it while a very nice song is playing. A song that, though a bit melancholic part, can be very uplifting.


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