Mother Lewinsky - "Some Kind Of Fight"

Sometimes there's no need to  use the guitars and drums to make an interesting song. It also doesn't have to be a capella, to sound very delicate and classic. Mother Lewinsky is a new Danish music project that decided to closer the world of classical instruments to us in a very extraordinaty way. What way?

Well, the way they do it can be heard in a song "Some Kind Of Fight". The musical background is played only on the stringed instruments. A bit "rugged" vocal fulfill the song. It is interesting for sure.

(Attention! A bit of private stuff in the post) Good, because Danish is in the middle of srtuggling with its own "Some Kind Of Fight", that's why the song, the melody and the lyrics are suitable for me as hell. As well as the yielding way the song is sung!

If you need a musical 'afterburner' to remind you that sometimes you have to put everything to the head and decide: "right or left" - Mother Lewinsky gives you exactly the recipe for the blues and doubt. 

"Decisions are easy when love is the reason"


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