Spy from Aalborg - WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at Studenterhuset

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at Studenterhuset
(report and photos by Agata Kłusak)

New section on the blog. "Good, because it's Danish" has a spy in Denmark :) Right in Aalborg. The spy is Agata Kłusak. She will be smuggling reports and photos from concerts in Studenterhuset for you.

To (awesomely) start with -  few words and few photos from last night's (29.10.2011) gig of WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE.

BTW - nice coincidence, first posts on both POLISH and ENGLISH version of the blog were about... WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE :)

So, here it is - WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at Studenterhuset, Aalborg.

"Live repoert from When Saints Go Machine (from my 'ticket box', but I just came back from the audience). O wooooow, they are GREAT! The bass are shaking the building, guys are really into the music, it's wonderful! And as a support - lovely CHLLNGR" Agata Kłusak

photos: Agata Kłusak  /slide show created with flickr slideshow/

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