Interview with THULEBASEN - "Music is an universal language"


Three musicians. Their debut album "Gate 5" is unique. Three super-nice people. They care about what they say, because they know the meaning of words. Felia, Niels and Nis met up with "Good, because Danish" in Copenhagen, before  THULEBASEN concert at Lille VEGA (as a support of tUnE+yArDs) 08-09-201. 
What we were talking about? Listen to.

1. You call your music „future rock”. What does it mean?
2. You create your music during playing a concert. Where the idea came from?
3. How do you write lyrics?
4. Last summer you played at Roskilde festival. How do you remember this concert? Did you do something special for it?
5. You’re plaing as a support of tonight’s tUnE+yArDs concert at Lille VEGA. Is it your first show here? I heard this is a special place for Danish bands.
6. How do you feel about your debut album „Gate 5”? Is there something you would change in it, if you could?
7. You’re in process of recording the new material. How's it going?
8. Felia. It’s very rare to see a female drummer. It’s really special. Why drums?
9. What’s the main goal to create the music? Why are you – Thulebasen – doing it? 
The report from Thulebasen concert at Lille VEGA (08-09-2011) - under this link (in POLISH).


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