NovemberDecember - "Save Yourself" [LISTEN TO IT!]

NovemberDecember - "Save Yourself"

A dose of calm, acoustic sounds with a hint of both: melancholy and joy in it. Danes from NovemberDecember - their music can make you feel light. During listening of "Save Yourself" the sun is shining a bit more and the wind is blowing a bit less. All gets a bit quieter, even if we're standing pedestrian crossing in the center of the city.

We're staning and waiting for the green light and... we change our plans. Because "Save Yourself", with its lovely sounds of guitars mixed with the cello in the background is making us to go to the park, to sit on the grass in the shadow of a tree. Suddenly we want to run away from the city madness. 
Although the Danes called themselves NovemberDecember - their music is more spring-summer kind. Well, maybe with a little bit of a peace of the winter morning.


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