ROSA LUX - Monsters (feat. Randi Laubek) [LISTEN TO IT!]

Rosa Lux - Monsters (feat. Randi Laubek) 

Rosa Lux charms the electronic. With sense, with taste. She simply has a gift.  "Monsters" is the best example of it.

The song with guest vocals by Randi Laubek is a bit disturbing, same as the title of it. "Monsters" is a kind of musical Pandora's box. It attracts me, but at the same time I'm afraid to "open" the song completely, so the hidden monsters came out under my bed.

Thrifty electronics and classical instruments in the background - one of my favorites combinations in music - presents perfect in this song. And they don't want to let go. The melody keeps coming back again and again... Supposedly I already checked under my bed and in the closet... but I still have this feeling that musical monsters are hiding somewhere in the room... and in this song.

"Look for monsters where there are none..."

Here's a club version of "Monsters" - also a very good track!

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