REPTILE YOUTH - new single "Black Swan Born White" [NEWS]

Reptile Youth - "Black Swan Born White" 

They did a great job with "Speedance". There's been over a year since that song and they still don't have any recorded material. Despite that, they keep on winning the Danes hearts by live performances. Energetic, unpredictable Reptile Youth kept us waiting for a long time for the new song. But now we can listen and enjoy "Black Swan Born White"... First listening: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Second listening: what is going on in here? Third listening: OH DAMN!

I think this is the first time on Good, because Danish when I feel a bit sad, because I didn't feel in love with a new Danish song... right away. Reptile Youth impressed me by the first version of "Speeddance". Than Kasper Bjorke became their producer and... this collaboration made me need a little bit more time to convince myself to the Reptile Youth new sound.

As a song "Black Swan Born White" is good, dancing, thrilling. It's not crazy, totally uncontrolled musical beauty that Reptile Youth showed at the fisrt version of "Speeddance". I needed time to feel the spirit of "Black Swan Born White" 

The new song has to get you at some point. You need to give it time, to create the feeling of "awesomeness" in you. Reptile Youth - this time a bit smoothed, polite... a bit more disco, a bit less rock'n'roll. Judge yourself if you like it.

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