GIANA FACTORY @HBC, Berlin 02-05-2012 [concerts, interviews]

Giana Factory - the concert and short interview

Trio Giana Factory was in Belin on Wednesday 02-05-2012. "Good, because Danish" was in Berlin as well at their concert at HBC venue. How was it? Quite good. How was the short interview after the show? Listen to yourself...

Their music is very Nordic, very cold and it builds a lot of tention. It's like that on the album "Save the Youth", as well as while they play it live. Giana Factory gave a very good concert in Belrin. It had all there should be in it, "technically". And there was also an interesting idea - let the music do the talking

Three Danes weren't saying much during their show. They decited to leave the music without interruptions. The audience was surprised at first, but with every another song it was following the band more and more. Giana Factory's inreadible music did the talking well. It was a good night at HBC in Berlin

After the concert we made it to talk with the band. About their album "Save the Youth", about their idea for live performance, about the summer-house in Poland... listen to it...  

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