WHERE DID NORA GO - "Away, Away, Away" EP [ID]

Where did Nora go - "Away, Away, Away" EP

We own four songs from the mini-album "Away, Away, Away" to Astrid Nora. This vocalist composed an EP that is on one hand very dreamy, but on the other hand - very dark and mysterious. Pop with a hint of electronic and the addition of classical instruments - Danes surely know how to combine these things with a style. "Away, Away, Away" confirm this argument.

Magical land. But not the idyllic one, like from the "My Little Pony". It's more like the land from the "Alice in Wonderland". But the movie where it's not always shinny and happy and where the monsters can hurt to the blood ("Please Pleaser"). 

Or... maybe it's even more like the world from that scene in "The Lord of the Rings" when Rivendell wakes up in the early morning. It's quiet and calm, but you can feel the shadow of an evil in the air. The fellowship of the ring is setting out to a journey that decide about the fate of the Middle Earth ("Away, Away, Away")... but before that we can't forget about the peaceful, sunny day in Shire ("Sister Of The Dark/ Walk In The Light")... Ok, I might go a bit too far in these book-movies digressions. But it's just... I can'r help them when I listen to "Away, Away, Away" EP by Where did Nora go.

"With *Where did Nora go* Astrid Nora is entering a new chapter in her musical journey. She has taken up her childhood instrument, the cello, and so all of her new songs have been written for cello and voice with added ambient electronic sounds. Powerful, beautiful and strong" (source: Facebook)


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