IN MEMOIRS - "This Is The Sound" [LISTEN TO IT!]

In Memoirs - "This Is The Sound"
Total detachement from the reality. For 4:47 minutes you can forget about... almost everything. If you need a moment of oblivion - "This Is The Sound" for it. Melodious, super-light sounds. The atmosphere of a good dream. Fragile guitar chords and disarming way of pulling the strings. Morten Fillipsen - the Dane behind the soloproject In Memoirs soothes nervs with his songs.
"Sit down and relax with a cup of coffee"-pop (source: FB In Memoirs)
"This Is The Sound" invite you to dream with it, to feel a bit nostalgic... The song does it in a very well-balanced way. And with the sentiment to the classic acoustic music roots.

You can download the song for free from In Memoirs Facebook profile (remember to like the page!). You can download it, listen to it, repeat and repeat... And drawn into those calm, kind of romantic sounds...

For more...

Go and check outIn Memoirs SoundCloud - there's more lovely, comforting songs out there. Like  "Rome Isn't Gone" or "Green Grass".

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