Lydmor - "Young"

source: Gaffa

You sit at home, want to spend a calm evening with some hot tea and bordom - and suddenly! Wow! LYDMOR.
Electronic Florence Welch. And a little bit of Fine Franzy. Aaaand a little little bit of Bjørk ("While You Still Can").

Exsperimenting on a border of mainstream and unknowon waters of music - Lydmor made me feel a bit uncomfortable under the warm blanket. Whay am I still sitting in my chair, spending a calm boring evening? I have to move!

"But you just want to be as young as you can be" - after you listen to "Young", you can't simply sit at home and drink the hot tea. After you listen to "Young", you want to take a walk. A quick march. A run. Best - a walk in the snow. Best to do it barefoot. Whay not? A bit of madness in the routine is needed from time to time. 

Lydmor closed this little bit of madness in the song. And she releases it little by little every time when "Young" is played.

Lydmor will release her debut album "A Pile Of Empty Tapes" in Spring. Now you can listen one more single from it...

Second single from her is - "Electric Mistress" - also an interesting music offer.
Lydmor recently remixed a song "Do You Really Want To Get Rid Of Me?" grupy Nelson Can. Remiks can be downloaded for free from Lydmor SoundCloud profile.

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