ID: ROSEMARY - a bit of the dark force


After I gave the first listen to "Everything" on the  Ja Ja Ja Music webside, I was a bit shocked. What is this? Is it singing or screaming? And if it's screaming and squeal than why it's so melodious and why does it sound like singing? What's going on? It's the Iranian-Danish duo ROSEMARY - this is what it's all about. A bit mysterious, a bit dark, but with a special force. 

1. Rosemary is a Danish/Iranian duo making electronically based music.
2. Rosemary is the Iranian singer Sahar and the Danish producer Lasse.
3. Sahar grew up in the golden Tehran, Iran. She fled to Denmark at the age of 5.
4. Lasse grew up in the suburbs of cold Copenhagen, Denmark. He makes films as well as music.
5. Rosemary was formed in 2009.
6. Rosemary released their debut EP "A Persian Tale" December 2011."

"A Persian Tale" EP can be download FOR FREE from

"I can dance, I can sing, put my feet down" - sings Sahar in "Everything". She sings in  a way which gaves you shivers. And the music plays in the way that makes your legs dancing by themselfs. Dark-electro? Yep, there's something in it. In "Everything", in "Friends" (brilliant beat and this piercing whisper at the beginning!), in "Sleep Alone"

Rosemary intrigues, arouses anxiety, mixes pleasant electronic from the 80' with the atmosphere from the thriller.

"A Persian Tale" EP (you simply HAVE TO download it from Rosemary's official webside) contains six electronic songs. But the word "electronic" doesn't describe Rosemary's music in 100%. The vocalist - Sahar uses her squeaky, yet very strong voice to create an amazing aura. It's scary, but it's very powerful at the same time. Rosemary is like a dark force (no connections to Star Wars... this time... ;) ) with a little bit of doubt it all will go well with the song 'til the end.

Official webside - here you can download "A Persian Tale" EP for free

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