If you need a solid dose of energy, if you'd like to hear a song that will give you "a kick in the ass" - Annasaid has something just perfect for you!

The band released a new single "Collision" this week. The song announces Annasaid's second album "Rite De Passage" that will be out on 28 April 2014.

Feeling the "Two Door Cinema Club vibe" at the beginning of "Collision"? There was not coincidence that Annasaid supported the band on one of their European tours. 

The guitar riffs are bouncing around the melody, as they were using it as a jumping rope, the vocals are swimming on the waves of drums. "Collision" is a song that connects all the levels of a composition in a way that makes you hear all of them separately and together at the same time. We like it a lot (also, we LOVE the video clip and we would love you for delivering the teddy bear costumes for us at some point - make sure to watch the clip!!! :) )

The Spring atmosphere of the track is a good sign for those of you who miss bright-sounding albums. Annasaid came back after a year of not releasing any new song and with "Collision" - they came back in a great shape. Well done guys, bring up more!

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