We cheer for this DK project from the very beginning and we believe they will go FAAAAR.

Kill J bought us (and many, many more music lovers all over the internet) with the first song "Phoenix" and we were looking so much forward to hear more from them. We were also a bit nervous, if it will be still so fresh and intriguing...

The band, who was announced as one of the acts that will play this year Roskilde Festival (Rising Stage), just released the second single called "Bullet".


And we officially announce that we are opening a Good because Danish fan club of Kill J!

"Bullet" is such an authentic song, that you might not expect from an electronic/pop music to be. The beat, the lyrics, the message, the vibe - everything is just real here. You can feel that Kill J feels it. That's the trick to make "Bullet" drill into your head with each sound.

You won't be able to sit (or stand) still while listening to the bouncing chorus - we guarantee it!

Kill J served another song which is something slightly different from what you can find in music these days, but it doesn't sound like something that force itself to be different. We want more and we want it fast!

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