Today is 16. February. But is it winter still? It's hard to say. Also, when it comes to the musical moods of people.

Do you prefer to listen to some more melancholic "winterish" songs or maybe you need something more upbeat, to help you fight the depression? Ooooor, maybe it's almost spring, so you look for brighter tunes? No matter what's your choice - you find the answer to all these questions in the new Good Because Danish mixtape! 

Have fun with "Is it winter stil??" Mixtape 2014 with collection of newer and older Danish songs that will bring you 42 minutes of joy (we hope!).


1. Lulu Rouge - Fyrkat
2. WhoMadeWho - Hiding In Darkness
3. VINTERTUR - Without Cause
4. Asbjørn - Brotherhood
5. Kill J - Phoenix
6. Slow Celebration - Kids
7. Gold Lip - Hotel Home (Storm Gabriel remix)

8. Mont Oliver - Give Me Nothing
9. Rosemary - I Know
10. Sekuoia - Rituals

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