ASBJØRN - Brotherhood [IWMV, NEWS]


Seems like February's gonna be a month where we will often write "is/are coming back with new material" about Danish artists! WE LIKE IT A LOT! :) 

Asbjørn is one of those who will release new material in 2014 and the first preview of it is his new single "Brotherhood"

This boy, who caught our hearts with the song "The Criminal" and his debut album "Sunken Ships" grew up a lot during last year! Both visually and musically. His new song is still a pop song with a very catchy main theme, but the "pop" grew up along with Asbjørn. 

"Brotherhood" sounds a bit more serious in a way, a little bit mysterious and maybe... disturbing. However, all in all, it's a song perfect for the dancefloor (as all previous Asbjørn songs are). Go on, enjoy the music, dance and look forward to more new stuff from this Dane! If you want to stay updated, sign up for the newsletter on

"Brotherhood" on Spotify:

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