It was a sad news about the end of the duo project Belle Ville. BUT! One thing ends, another thing starts. So it did for Line Gøttsche. She recently released a first song of her solo project. The composition is called "First Bird".

Do you know that super calming down, super nice feeling when you wake up in the morning one day and hear the birds singing outside the window? And then you know - Spring is coming closer, Spring is here! So you lay in bed, listening to the sound of the birds voices and you just smile without any particular reason. 

That's how you're going to feel while listening to the "First Bird". Like it was the first day of Spring. No matter if it's still February, no matter if it's foggy, rainy, frosty or snowy outside. With this song - it's always the first day of Spring.

Line Gøttsche soft, delicate voice and very strong femininity are just stunning and breath-taking. You just want her to sing, sing, sing... Let yourself to loose your breath for a moment.


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