Sometimes I have the need to listen to the music that I think would fit a movie soundtrack, or a tv series soundtrack. Such music, which would be a good background for A STORY. 

You might want to ask "what the hell do you mean?". I'm answering by playing the 3 tracks by Quick Quick Obey to you.

You probably still don't understand my twisted explanation, but I hope you like the music.
Lovely, soft indiepop tunes will melt your heart and will make you feel bessed for living in this world full of musical wonders. 

Quick Quick Obey is a new band on the Danish music scene. They will release a debut album in April 2014. 

The press release says:

"The four boys in Quick Quick Obey are only 20 years old. In the beginning of 2013 they excluded themselves to a house in the faraway countryside of Denmark. They spend four months in the middle of nowhere. They wrote, recorded and did whatever crazy things they would think of. The months in the house became the band's genesis".
A genesis that seems to be the beginning of something pretty sweet and remarkable.

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