HEIMATT - To the Mountain [EP]

It is to the day exactly four months ago that we intended to keep an eye or rather ear on a young band, after we had been able to catch them playing live in Copenhagen. Much happened since then for the musicians who stand behind the beautiful name Heimatt.

After signing a contract with the Scandinavian record label Playground Music, getting confirmed as act for Roskilde 2014 and putting out their first single "Winter Noise", they finally released their debut EP "To the Mountain" on 17 February.

The Danish-Norwegian singer and center of the band Magnus Grilstad assembled a bunch of skilled and experienced musicians from Danish projects like Annasaid or Dead Young Oaks to play honest upbeat folk with clear Scandinavian sounds and slight gypsy vibes.

The last of the EP's five tracks is called "Nordic Tales" - a title that summarizes quite properly what the band tells and delivers through melancholic lyrics and the remarkable voice of their front man. Even though the EP generally creates a natural atmosphere and evokes rather cold connotations, it is at the same time able to warm and soothe you while listening.  

"To the Mountain" on Spotify: Listen to the tracks also on Heimatt's Soundcloud Profile.

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