Some say that passion changes everything. We believe it's true. It's changing everything for us... for better, since 3 years now. 

23 February 2011. Kiekrz - a small town near Poznań, Poland. That's when and where it all started. Dobre, bo duńskie. Good because Danish. 

After 3 years of an amazing adventure, discovering great Danish music and sharing the passion and love to it through the blog, we would like to say THANK YOU

Thank you for reading and listening to the music, thank you for making wonderful sounds that we fell in love with, thank you for making this journey fun and exciting for us!

February 2014 is the end of Good because Danish as you know it. From 3. March there will come huge changes. We hope you will like the new chapter of the Good because Danish history and that you will stay with us and enjoy the changes we prepared for you.

With a little tear (of happiness) in the eye, with a lot of amazing memories and way more to come - we would like to celebrate the 3rd Good because Danish birthday with you and (of course) with a lot of good (because Danish) music! So we invite you to visit our Spotify and check out the playlist with some new and great tunes. 

But that's not all - we have a special contest prepared, so check out the blog in the evening to find out more! 

Once again, on this special day, we say a huuuuuge THANK YOU for the last 3 years! 


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