Jonathan Schultz is the master-mind behind the project Schultz & Forever, which will release a debut album sometime this year. For now, he gives us a new track called "P.O.V." as a little preview of what will happen later in 2014. 

The song is totally different from more "standard" acoustic music that Schultz & Forever presented so far. The way it sounds like reminds a bit of Thulebasen way of experimenting and leting some dreamy atmosphere in into the songs.

The press release says: 
"With "P.O.V.", Jonathan Schultz has aimed to explore the boundaries of pop music. The multiple layers suggesting new possibilities and sensibilities, intriguing listeners through the peculiar structure and intuitive songwriting."

My first impression was: "this is weird". Then I listened again and again... and one more time. "P.O.V." still sounds weird to me, but I must agree that it's definitely a very intriguing song. The way Jonathan Schultz dared to experiment deserves a huge respect. As well as attention.

Good because Danish is looking forward to hear the debut album, because now it becomes a total mystery - you can't tell what you'll find on it after listening to "P.O.V.".

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