Aarhus quintet Green Lives is ready to conquer us with their charming and emotional verses and tones coming straight from their debut album "The Years". In which according to their record label Mermaid Records,
the band has chosen to interpret the seasons. The album is divided into four beautiful and through-musical sections.
Throughout listening to the album you can smoothly connect all the seasons together as the tracks evolve evenly leading you to a cheerful but at the same time melancholic ending. I would relate this feeling to the one you experiment when a year is over but you’re glad for all the memories you have from it, we all have felt that, right?

Not only the 16 tracks phenomenal but the art work speaks for itself, which was in charge of the talented girls from Hvass&Hannibal (who also worked for Efterklang, Turboweekend and Canon Blue, among other).  

Highly recommended is the sound emanating from "The Years". Outstanding tracks are the title song "The Years", "Everybody Knows Who You Are, Anna" and "Rain".


"The Years" on Spotify:

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