Reptile Youth finally released theit debut album. Live - they are just WOW! On the record "Reptile Youth" - they mix hits, spontaneity, a bit disturbing riot and craziness. Everything combined and given to you in a very pleasant way to listen to. It was worth to wait for such a debut.

It all started from a hit single "Speeddance".  On the debut album Reptile Youth prepared more of the irresistible, a bit craz compositions. 


Ten tracks - from the firts to the last one - in a rate that a race car driver wouldn't be ashamed of. Of maybe a drifter? I don't know much about cars, but I'm sure that starts, breakings and taking the turns on Reptile Youth album are made perfectly. Controlled slips (musical... whatever it means, I guess I went too far with this metaphore) - speed and dynamics - the debut album of two Danse has it all! There's also enough of the slowing down - in a way that gives you shivers - and a bit of joyful playing around with light sounds.


Twistes musical mix of Prince, Queen, The Beatles and... The Rapture? In general, there's tones of various musical inspirations gently puted together in something different, something Danish, in Reptile Youth.

Samples of all ten songs from Reptile Youth debut album can be found on hfn music SoundCloud. 

Reptile Youth - Reptile Youth by hfn music

"Reptile Youth" on iTunes


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