LE CUL - "French Pentalogy" [ID]

Le Cul - or I'd like to say - Le wow :)

Le Cul' EP "French Pentalogy" is unearthly. Well, actually it's very earthly. As a men from flash and bones - it can surprise you, tease you, tempt you. It sounds like a story told by someone who lived his life but still takes whatever he can from it. Five songs will lead you to Parisian burlesque and Irish pubs in unnamed harbors. At least that's where Le Cul's music took me to.

A bit of country, a pinch of French gloss, whiskey drunk to Tom Waits music, Blues Brothers chic, hard-rock spirit straight from Motorhead, maybe some shot from a western movie - sounds super totally twisted? That means it sounds like Le Cul! It also sounds interesting.

Each song from the EP "French Pentalogy" creates a different atmosphere, each one reminds you of tones of different associations which jumps on the piano keys inside your head. From the chaos, splendor of sounds appears the picture of a band that combined the unconnectable.

OH! I forgot to mention about the echos of the last song played by a band on the reception - you can find them on the "French Pentalogy" EP as well! Enjoy!

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