Bottled In England is coming back with a dose of new songs! After "BIE presents #1" and a super busy touring holidays  Danes went to the studio to prepare a new compositions.

From the webside you can download for free two brand new songs: „Scare Me” and „Who’s That Ghost” – chich are a second part of a series „Bottled In England presents”.

On the new ‘mini-record’ the Danes does not slow down a bit! Two compositions combines a power of unbridled drums with melodious, buzzing (roaring) bass sound.

In „Who’s That Ghost” the band show its a bit (but just a bit) more delicate side, vocally supporting by Katrine Brocks.

In October the third part of „Bottled In England presents” will be up online and in January 2013 the second EP will see the light of day. Than Bottled In England will go on a tour full with many great show in Denmark as well as in other European countries. On their concert map they won’t forget about Poland (the details about Bottled In England gigs in Polish cities will come soon).

Official webside

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